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Book Review + Author Interview: Dominion by Melody Manful

Dominion (Guardian Angels, #1)
Title: Dominion
Author: Melody Manful
Release Date: December 20th, 2013
Pages: 254

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I Dare You.
Look Over Your Shoulders.

Do You See Them?
They are behind you...
They are always behind you.

Abigail Cells had a nightmare the day before she met Gideon, the new guy in school who has every girl drooling just to be near him. In her nightmare, she was murdered by a magical creature. As she gets to know Gideon, she begins to remember pieces of her nightmare, and was shocked when Gideon turned out to be the creature from her nightmare. Who is Gideon really? Should Abby allow herself to fall completely for him, or is he the next disaster waiting to happen?

My Review:

(Thank you to Melody Manful for providing a copy of this book to me in exchange for an honest review.)

Dominion centers on the fantastical adventures of Abigail and her guardian angels, Tristan and Gideon. The characters in this book jump right off the page. Their witty banter and clever thoughts really make a fun and engaging read. I love how the author incorporates the Grim Reaper into the story, and in such an imaginative way! The Grim Reaper has an engaging friendship with bad boy angel, Gideon, that really speaks volumes about their mischievous personalities.

Another relationship that I really enjoyed is Abigail and Gideon’s. It is unpredictable in an exciting way. I didn’t know whether they were going to end up arguing or telling flirtatious jokes. They have a very supportive “lean on my shoulder” pairing that I think comes across in the writing very well. Plus, with Gideon’s magic angel powers he has the ability to go anywhere in the world with a snap of his fingers…who doesn’t want that in a friend? :)

The world building is phenomenal. I had a really great time picturing the settings, thanks to the well written and imaginative description. I love how the magic of the angels and actual reality blend together seamlessly. It was fun reading about a royal angel wandering awkwardly around a high school.

The only time that I think the writing could have been improved is the ending sequence. I tried to follow the action, but had difficulty. However, the amazing cliffhanger had me looking forward to reading how it resolves in future installments!

I give Dominion, by Melody Manful, 4.5 out of 5 stars

And now for the interview!

After that amazing cliffhanger, my first question is, when can we expect the next installment?
At the moment I do not have a specific date, expect to tell readers to expect it this year. Though in the meanwhile, Euphoria, the #1.5 of the series, will be out soon, and it will focus sorely on Tristan.

      If you could take part in any scene from any one of your books, which scene would you take part in and why?
Given the chance I'd like to take part in the very beginning, Abigail's first chapter where she was training with her father, because I think it will be pretty cool to be able to do all the things she and her father did.
 If you could be any of your characters for a day in real life, who would you be and why?
Abigail! Because it will be really cool be a kick-ass for a day, or to pin a really hot guy down, and I'll also get to live in a world of fashion, where I could shop 'til I drop! If not for anything, I'd really love to be Abigail if it means getting a chance to try on some of her mother's designs :)

 Have you ever dealt with writer’s block?  If so, how do you deal with it?
Yes, even so in the last few months. So far, the way I deal with my writer's block is to stop writing for a week or so and brainstorm some new ideas, or play around with the ideas I already have in my head until I feel I'm finally ready to take another go at writing.

Do you have any good book recommendations?
I personally love the Harry Potter series, and Gates of Paradise by Virginia Andrews, and I highly recommend them, but if those doesn't work for you, well, one can never go wrong with Daemon Black!

Is Dominion on your to-read list this winterHave you read it already? If so, what did you think?

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